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BIO: Computer Technician, Internet Marketing, Digital Artist and Experimental Musician.
Website Owner at anixas.com and mudballrecords.com
My youtube video channel and the anixas website both focus on free and inexpensive advertising. Video Channel: Mudball Mike: https://www.youtube.com/user/morphx99mq
Mudball Records is a collection of the expermental sounds and collaborations.
The main internet marketing focus is with the Rock The Biz Ops Team and the
programs and systems found inside.

Here are my "other" favorite programs I'm earning with:

>>> Really Simple System
One Time Payment Only $15 For Pro (Free version also available)
As Pro you can add your own links and video. All these can be changed any at any time.
This is a very nice "done for you" funnel system. You can earn $10 payments as a pro member if your referral upgrades and they can also follow you in traffic programs.

>>> Cash In On Banners
One time upgrade only $10 (Free version also available)
Home Page also invites people into AIOP. In other words, you can passively promote AIOP here just add your user information. Add 6 banners into the viral banner rotator.

>>> Downline Farm
No cost to join but upgrade is available.
This is another program that enables you to passively promote AIOP.
Be sure to look all through the list as you will add your AIOP name in multiple places.
The program is a downline farm, as stated. This means it is one giant list of all kinds of programs. You can add your referral id's to the ones you want. Many programs are repeated so check the list and keep adding your id's to the ones you find.

Simple "right things" daily...
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