The Rockin News: Friday, January 31, 2020

February Rock Funnel and Updates!..

Today's featured artist:  U2 
February Rock Funnel and Updates!..
T.G.I.F.  Rockstars!  :-)

So today is January 31st and I am pretty sure that most Rockstars! will agree with me that this month is not ending soon enough. No doubt about it... January was brutally slow online in general for everyone, all programs included. But the good news is that February will be here tomorrow and that means it's just in time for our latest all-new ~Rock Funnel design. 
So here's the #Truth about this specific page design...

I had been stressed-out for days knowing it was time for me to get working on the new R0ck Funnel design for February. For the 1st time in a long time... I was at a complete "loss" for any creative design or text/copy ideas that actually seemed "Rock"... enough. 

I woke up at around 3 am yesterday (not uncommon for me) and started my daily routine by checking for email notifications. Just by chance I spotted an email subject line and recognized it was being sent from some "new" wannabe guru who's list I had just opted-in on a few days earlier.

The email didn't impress me too much, it was the same old automated, pre-loaded affiliate nonsense. But.. I did click the link included because the offer was for a List Building webinar. As I was looking at the webinar invite/offer website... I noticed all kinds of catchy little copy/text one-liners and I thought to myself... what if ??

After about 20 minutes of picking and choosing various text snippets and altering the copy/text, playing with font sizes, font colors, etc... the February Rock Funnel design was locked and loaded.   Simple as that!

...and yes, as a matter of fact, this little "true story" is today's coaching point. 

Priority #1 for today will be to actually complete the entire funnel, including adding the confirmation page, landing page and of course loading the full autoresponder email follow-up series. I'm hoping to have this completed sometime this afternoon and then I will personally get the new "share code" into the hands of our Team Leaders and "Team spirit" Rockstars! so that they will be able to share it into their own downlines as soon as possible.

In other news:

After recently adding Pays4ever into the Team Build to serve as our beginner "friendly" simple Bitcoin (ads/earn) program of choice, my original plan was to also introduce a 2nd similar Bitcoin program as well. 

The reasoning was that by including two such ads/earn BTC programs... Rockstars! would be able to leverage the advertising from one program to promote the other and vice-versa. Actually, a solid plan if I do say so myself.

But in this moment I am pumping the brakes on introducing another such program (or any program) for the time being, in hopes that I will eventually discover another 100% Commissions version of a similar program with a trusted owner. And... even more importantly... to allow everyone participating in Pays4ever the time to stay focused building into their downlines and get themselves a little more solidly positioned for passive profits mode.

Also, it was always the plan to begin Bitcoin Basic Training this year and to introduce a simple Bitcoin ads/earn program as part of the starter training. Pays4ever re-launch just kind of "happened" unexpectedly and the 100% member-2-member payouts align perfectly with the fact that ALL PROGRAMS @ ROCK TEAM include... 
100% Commissions!!

So I'm thinking it's best to maintain that integrity and the "promise" that RocktheBizOps Team Build will never be in the habit of drop/adding programs without an obvious, simple and significant benefit.

Now get out there and enjoy your weekends!

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