The Rockin News: Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Keeping things Simple and smart!..

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Happy Wednesday Rockstars!

It's been a long time coming (again) to finally get back to publishing another edition of The Rockin News. 
Next up will be the production of a 2nd pilot episode of The Rockin POD Audiocast later this week as well.

Before we get into the article itself today... 
I want to be sure and say Thank YOU for everyone's continued  patience, support and "Team spirit".

Today's Coaching point(s): 

Keeping things Simple and smart.

Human nature is constantly trying to trick us into "thinking" too much. It compels us to question and analyze and find problems that require "fixing". Sometimes things are broken... but a lot of times... we can convince ourselves that we need to "fix" something that simply is not broken. We fool ourselves based on expectation, not experience.

If we specifically use Rock Team as the example... this happens when our preconceived "expectations" of what should be happening (or, so we think?)... are not happening the way(s) we imagined or as quickly as we hoped.

For example:
There should be way more leads per day and easier?
There should be way more paid referrals and easier?
Obviously, something is broken and needs... fixing?

Over the past couple of weeks, Admin(s) have been sharing "factual" DATA (tracking, stats) into group on a regular basis. The purpose of this exercise has been to show real-time, daily results and the daily advertising activities required to produce those results.

Everything has proven that what RocktheBizOps Team Build has been coaching and suggesting, actually is the 100% #Truth and as expected. The factual data also confirms that Admin (and Top Rockstars!) are not doing anything other than being consistent in following our suggested Simple "right things" daily...  

~ 1 or 2 hours of posting *free ads.
~ produces 1 or 2 leads most days.
~ reach out, connect, communicate.
~ converts 1 or 2 new referrals/mo.
~ if not, it should... ie: ask for help.

Which is not very exciting to hear compared to how we "think" this stuff should work. 
Until, we appreciate how Simple and smart the plan really is:

And let's not minimize the fact that RocktheBizOps Team Build includes three (3) high value programs that all include 100% commissions. These programs allow Rockstars! to earn from multiple "smart" revenue streams and each of these programs also includes a "passive income" (Team friendly) affiliate plan as well.

The programs are: All In One Profits, Easy 1Up and Pays4ever

The only *Required program is AIOP... 
because the tools allow us to design and share all of our unique done-for-you funnels.
Special Note: for anyone who is interested in joining our Team (who might already have AIOP) 
This is not any issue at all... join us as easily as joining into Pays4ever... only $5 one-time.

These powerful and Team friendly affiliate plans allow our members to collect additional passive commission(s) $$'s and without any additional effort. This happens due to a leverage component included in the compensation plans, such as a pass-up referral... or as a spill-over (or spill-under)  referral. 
The generous 100% payouts also assure that our members achieve Profit Mode after just their "1st" referral. 

There is more to the story here than simply adding leads and referrals into AIOP (All In One Profits). 

~ AIOP referrals are likely to join into E1up.
~ and to purchase additional E1up trainings.
~ and then to eventually join into Pays4ever.
~ and to purchase additional P4E advertising.

and this adds up to Simple "smart" affiliate referral commissions of...
$5, 10, 15, 25, 30, 100, 200, 250, 400, 500, 600 up to $1,000 per!!

Join in our "Team spirit" today: 
All In One Profits ~ Easy 1Up ~ Pays4ever

All starting with as little as $11.50/mo. to join us @ All In One Profits.
...and with *No Monthly Fees required for Easy 1Up or Pays4ever.

Nobody does what we're doing, "smarter" than us!

Zero hype and no drama required.


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Keeping things Simple and smart!..