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BIO: Hello, my name is Ted Dwyer and I have been a Pepsi delivery driver
for over 24 years in Southern California. I joined the RocktheBizOps
team for their simple focus on using Safelist Mailers and TrafficExchanges
to build your list and residual income with the AIOP Marketing System.
There are no better marketing tools available online for the price than what
you get with AIOP, and with the teams step- by- step training and personlized
coaching by 3 great admins, you can't go wrong!
"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want", Zig Ziglar

Additional favorite programs helping me to build my business:

>>> The Safelist Organizer
This is my number one tool for using safelists.
Like the name says it is a system for organizing your safelists and sending mailings.
This program will keep track of all your safelists and so much more.
It stores unlimited mail templates and mailer sites and lets you know when any 
safelists are ready for the next mailing. AND you can even register your remaining 
credit levels so you don't have to keep manually checking!
AND Now...
The credit mail clicker. The Credit Clicker speeds up earning your safelist credits.
It will open your credit mails and click the link for you. Multiple mails from 
multiple lists... ALL at the same time! That means all you need to do is view 
the advertisement, confirm the read and collect the credits!
It even comes with a free 14 day trial, so you can really give it a good look.

>>> Referral Frenzy
I am very excited to share this with you!
I use Safelists as my main form of advertising, so this tool was a "must have" for me.
It allows me to mail to over 90 safelists with a few clicks. It also gives monthly bonus 

credits for over 80 safelists plus 30 traffic exchanges. It is also a downline builder,
you add your affiliate IDs,  so your referrals join the safelists under you.
You will get unlimited banner and text views on site. It has been a real time saver.

>>> Adchiever
One of the best safelists around. You can't go wrong with any site owned
by Darren Olander, all his sites are very active and have great click thru rates.
Plus you get rewarded just for earning mailing credits. The more advertising you earn
for yourself, the greater rewards you receive... Free Upgrades, Login Page Ads, 
Banner Ads, even bonus mailing credits. Join now: claim 300 Mailing Credits today!

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