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Team intro... 
You are on your way to experiencing what it means to participate within a team online, for real. While many other teams tend to rely on gimmicks, unrealistic expectations and other nonsense... RocktheBizOps values integrity, honesty and community.
Our community is made up of ordinary people just like you. We practice the Simple "right things" daily that help us to build up email subscriber lists using mainly safelist mailers and traffic exchanges. We then practice fundamental email marketing as our way of inviting prospects to visit our community, learn more about how our team build is designed and how the programs we include provide us the internet marketing tools, training and traffic resources which are essential for anyone to truly succeed online.

The fact that all three of our included programs allow us to earn 100% commissions also sets RocktheBizOps apart from other similar team builds. We have optimized the concept of "earn while you learn" and team leverage to a whole other level.   
The FAQs...
Q: Can I join for free and earn money here?
A: Not at this time. No.

Q: If I join the Team, what will I be doing?
A: You will be learning to use a combination of free advertising sites such as safelist mailers and traffic exchanges to promote simple marketing funnel pages. The pages you will be promoting are designed to capture leads so that you will begin to build yourself a personal email subscriber list. As new leads subscribe to your list, the funnels all include a short per-written email autoresponder series and these email newsletters begin to deliver automatically as new subscribers request more info. The automated newsletters are designed to introduce the subscribers (leads) to more information about the programs we feature and/or about our team build in general.  

Q: How will RocktheBizOps Team help me?
A: Team Training on FB (private grp.) includes: access to... group files/docs., random "Live" Coaching points, Personalized coaching 1-on-1, shared expert training, individual program webinar access and more...

Q: What if I don't join the facebook group?
A: Then why join the Team?

Q: Does RocktheBizOps provide the funnels?
A: Yes. Share codes to nearly 50 done-for-you funnels are available which all include pre-written autoresponder follow ups and can be set up and ready to promote within minutes. We release a new R0CK Funnel design each month. Funnels *require AIOP. 

Q: What will it cost me to join the team? 
A: The only *required program is All In One Profits (AIOP) which costs $11.50/mo. AIOP is required because it is the program that includes the internet marketing tools that allow us to build our email lists and to "share" all of our done-for-you funnels.

Q: What if I already have an AIOP acct.?
A: You still have the *option to officially join the team by joining with us into either Easy1up (training) which starts at $30 one time, or joining with us into Pays4ever (traffic) which starts at $5 one time. Or both, of course.

Q: What if I already have all BiG3 programs?
A: If you happen to be one in a million who already has an acct. with all 3 of... AIOP, E1up and P4e... connect with Steven Anthony  (Admin) to discuss additional options.

Q: Do I have to join all of the BiG3 programs?
A: No. Only AIOP is *required. If you happen to already have an AIOP acct., then you are only required to join either one of our other two BiG3 programs, your choice. As far as when or if you join all BiG3 programs is again, your choice.

Q: Does this team build include rotator links?
A: Yes we do. We actually include rotator(s) for all three of our BiG3 programs. Our unique approach is called "Team spirit" PROMO. To have all three of your personal referral links included (if available) only requires 500 hits to your assigned team promo link per week. "Team spirit" PROMO is voluntary and not required. Again, your choice.

Q: Which of my links can I have in rotator(s)?
A: Once you have officially joined the team via any of our Big3 programs, the links you may already have available from the other programs will be allowed as well. In other words, all of them.

Q: Will I get lots of referrals from rotator(s)?
A: No. Our "Team spirit" PROMO rotator system is designed to promote exactly that... team spirit. Yes, our rotator(s) do produce random referrals at a steady rate. But, rotators are in place for you to  help "others" because you are a team player. Not for you to expect others to be building your business for you. When you do get a random referral, it should be appreciated as an unexpected bonus. 

Q: When I join the Team, when will I get paid?
A: RocktheBizOps is a support, coaching and resources community only . We are not a business opportunity. Our services include no fees of any kind and we do not accept any payments or pay out any commissions. Team members are independent affiliates of the individual programs of "their" choice, and it is the affiliate's responsibility to understand and accept the terms and conditions of any programs they are affiliates of.

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