Step 6

Getting started with Safelist mailers. 
Click here for RocktheBizOps Approved safelist mailers
Quickie intro, reminder...

Safelist mailers and traffic exchanges are very similar in the fact that you will be required to view other members web pages (ads) in exchange for earning advertising credits.

The significant difference is that traffic exchanges allow you to view (or "surf") other members web pages (ads) on site... while safelist mailers will require you to access individual credit "links", which are most often included within the other members email ad messages. Meaning, you will need to open other members email ads (sent to you)  in order to access those earn credit links.

You can imagine that "surfing" traffic exchanges sure sounds a whole lot faster and easier to earn advertising credits and have more visitors to your web pages. This is true.

But safelist mailer ads have long proven to out-perform (in the results category)... the statistical data is undeniable.

This is why @ RocktheBizOps Team, we encourage our members to use traffic exchanges to promote for our "Team spirit/rotator" (optional) and to prioritize using the safelist mailers to promote our own personal funnel pages. 

Begin with... Click here and join State-of-the-art Mailer
*State-of-the-art is the "official" safelist mailer here @ RocktheBizOps Team. This does not suggest you will only use this one safelist malier (you will use several). What this does suggest is that State-of-the-art is our (Admin) preferred safelist mailer...  specifically for new members to learn on and for exisiting members to use often.
About the owners:
Brad Webb ~ is the President and Co-Founder of State-Of-The-Art-Sites. You probably know him best from the very popular email marketing website, State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and BucketsofBanners (BoB).

Paul Coonan came back online in 2009 and saw how much internet marketing had changed in only 3 years and began catching up learning about social networking and viral marketing. Most recognized for his work with State-of-the-Art Mailer and VTrafficRush.

Once you have created your account @ State-of-the-art Mailer...
Click here and bookmark this Youtube channel for future reference

State-of-the-art Mailer (SOTAM for short) can be a little overwhelming for someone brand-new to sending safelist mailer ads. Make no mistake, it is well worth any additional time and practice to learn how to make the most of every mailer ad you send using this powerful, Pro quality system. The results will speak for themselves.

Most any/all of the more common questions will be addressed and answered within the video library on the SOTAM Youtube channel (*link above) or within the specific tab/options on site.

Something that is very unique @ SOTAM is that even *free members do have the option to send mailer ads to other members, without actually earning any credits. Granted, this is limited to only mailing 500 other members (rather than up to 30,000!) and free members are only allowed to send 1x every 5 days compared to 1x every 3 days as an upgraded member.

This video explains the SOTAM button escalation options:

*Take your time to learn and practice @ State-of-the-art and remember you have Youtube video tutorials too.

Here is a safelist mailer (basics) tutorial video from our friend, Klaus Buchenau:
Klaus is using another safelist mailer: InstantMailz for demonstration purposes. You will notice as you add additional mailers, that InstantMailz (and most any other safelist mailer sites you will join) function in the same fundamental ways, with the  exception of some mailers like InstantMailz will allow you to open/earn credits on site via text links, while most others will require you to access and open the actual "sent" mailer ads themselves.

For additional safelist mailer basic training...
Click here for a Gmail/labels tutorial video with co-admin Susan McCook
*Also be sure to review our Team Training fb group file/doc. Debbie Z.'s Safelist Mailer "Tips"...
After you have had enough practice in using State-of-the-art and maybe InstantMailz as well, you will be ready to begin adding some additional safelist mailers. You want to be using a variety of mailers each day because this will help to get your ads being viewed by more and more unique visitors (other marketers).
Simple "right things" reminder...
Prioritize having more ads on the sites suggested by admin.

Click here for RocktheBizOps Approved safelist mailers
*You can join any one specific Mailer listed, by clicking on just that one text link. 

Be sure to take your time over the next few days in getting set-up, practice viewing ads and to create your accounts with all of the official RocktheBizOps suggested safelist mailers. It is very important that you become absolutely comfortable in navigating and using these advertising sites. So again, please feel free to reach out to me personally (Steve) and to also connect with your sponsor for additional help, tips, suggestions and for answers.

Keep in mind that our team pages and daily advertising promos are being tracked and the data is  being reviewed. It is to be expected that this suggested listing of traffic and advertising sites will be updated from time to time. 

Any new sites launching that prove to be highly active (effective) will be added. Long standing sites that may begin to show any significant decline in stats will be removed, etc...

It will always be our honest (and unbiased) opinion that our list of "official" R0CK Admin Approved traffic sites, includes the highest ranking and most user friendly traffic exchange and safelist mailer advertising sites online.

Our members who become more advanced in using mailers often elect to leverage additional 3rd party tools, browser extensions and add-ons such as Referral Frenzy, Viral Mail Profits, etc... which help to organize and save time significantly. Some are free and some are not. Consult with your sponsor or an Admin for more details.

Best practice is to consider a membership upgrade with the sites you value using the most.

*When you are confident and ready...

Proceed to Step 7 ~ The essentials of Simple "right things" daily.


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