Step 4

Traffic exchanges and Safelist mailers (introduction)
In Step 4, you will be introduced to the simple (even free) process of using traffic exchange and safelist mailer membership sites, as a way to introduce visitors (hits, traffic) to your Personal and Team spirit funnel pages.


It is important for you to understand that these are in fact membership sites. You will need to register yourself a user account. These membership based advertising sites are almost always free to join and free to begin using. 

How these membership/advertising sites function is that a member (you) joins in agreement that you are willing to view the adverts. of other members, in "exchange" that the other members will then agree to view the website (web page) that you are currently advertising.

In the process of you viewing the adverts. of other members, you will earn advertsing "credits". You will then assign these credits to the web pages you want the other members to visit. The more adverts. you are willing to view, the more advertising credits you will earn for yourself and the more other members will be viewing your web pages. 

As mentioned earlier, many of these sites are both free to join and free to begin using. However, the process of earning the advertising credits requires an amount of "time" invested. All of these sites will offer both the option of purchasing additional ad credits and/or purchasing a membership upgrade allowing you to earn more credits in significantly less time. There are often additional upgrade benefits included as well, such as your ads being featured in some way, maybe even having your ads being displayed on other traffic sites for you (no credits required), etc...

Keep in mind, these ad sites are affiliate referral programs themselves as well. Meaning upgraded members not only earn more credits (even receiving additional credits in upgrade) but upgraded members also qualify to earn higher commissions in the event their referrals choose to purchase credits or an upgraded membership for themselves.
*Please be sure to consult with your sponsor and/or admin before purchasing or upgrading with any program.

There is a difference in the process of how you will be viewing advertisiments on the Traffic exchanges and Safelist mailers. For example: Traffic exchanges allow members to view other member's ads while logged-in, on site. Whereas Safelist mailers, will require that you agree to "receive" and then "open" emails being sent on behalf of the other members, in order for you to access the "earn credit" link included within the individual emails received.

In just reading the paragraph above, it is obvious that using Traffic exchanges sounds a lot easier. This is absolutely true, especially for someone who is brand new to using these "click for credits" advertising sites for the first time. 

But... Safelist mailers have long been proven to yeild positive results at a much higher rate. How much higher, exactly? Without exaggeration (when it comes to promoting for leads) it will be at least 3:1 in favor of mailer ads. 
*This comparision involves promoting the exact same web page (funnel page) and in the same amount of time.

Especially in the preparation for getting started with using safelist mailers, you will for sure want to create at least "1" (2 is recommended) all-new *Gmail/email accts. for yourself, exclusively for use in registering your membership accounts with the various safelist mailer sites  (and Traffic exchange sites)  and to collect the 100's of member advertisment emails you will be receiving on a daily basis. There is nothing complicated in using these sites or in managing the ads you receive. 

*Coming up....

Step 5 will go into more details specific for using Traffic exchanges.

Step 6 will go into more details specific for using Safelist mailers.

Here is what you want to complete first:
- Create 2 new Gmail /email accts. super simple. Click here to access Google 
- Link a profile image to the gmail addresses... Click here to access Gravatar
*Both Google and Gravatar (free) walk you through the set-up. If you need help, ask any admin.

The importance of linking an actual profile picture to your gmail addresses and specifically using to do it, is that many of these advertisng sites we will be using, display this image of you while other members are visiting your web page(s). The only way to have your profile image appear on site is if you have a Gravatar image linked to your gmail acct. You will not have the option to manually add your own profile pic/image on site. 

On these advertising sites, if you have no image linked to your registered gmail address on account, visitors to your web page(s) will see that "empty?" profile image, similar to when you have no profile image displayed on facebook.

Obviously, vistors will be most likely to ignore any/all advertisements of other members whose profile picture is an emtpy square. For sure they are not going to be as confident or interested in partnering up or purchasing anything.
If you already have two extra gmail accts. (done). If you already have a linked profile pic. to both gmail addresses using (done)But both of these specific tasks need to be completed, before continuing on to Step 5.

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