Step 3

Participation in our Team spirit promos, benefits.

At this point, you should have completed:
- Connected with your sponsor/upline.
- Set-up at least 1 of Frank's done-for-you traffic funnels.
- Verified that the funnel(s) has been set-up correctly.
- Requested and received access to Frank's vault.
- Joined our Team Training group on facebook.
*Do not proceed until all items above have been completed.

Now we get into the details of what will be specific for anyone who wishes to participate in our "Team spirit" and to qualify for the many unique advantages included.

Participation is considered "optional". 

Let's be honest, everyone absolutely should concern themselves with building their AIOP (and E1up) downlines  for themselves as a priority over anything else. There is no Team Build anywhere that will build your business for you, faster than you will be building it for yourself.

So here at RocktheBizOps Team, we go above and beyond to deliver advantages of Team participation which are significant (more than expected) while at the same time, qualifications are surprisingly minimal. 

*For those who may decide to Not participate in Team spirit...
Access to our private Team Training group is open for everyone, regardless. This allows all members (even visitors) to benefit from the random coaching points, shared training, group *files/docs., etc... Also, our officially joined members qualify as pre-approved for Frank's training vault and access to his entire funnel collection as well.

Exclusive advantages for qualified Team spirit members are:
- Having your personal AIOP (and E1up) links included in our Team rotator(s).
- Being approved to receive the share code for each month's all-new Rock FunnelClick here for an example
- Having a personal Rockstar! page: featuring You & programs you want included. Click here for an example
- Personalized (one-on-one) coaching with Admin, per request and available on going.
- Personalized coaching also available for your entire AIOP and E1up downlines.
- Weekly Top 5 performers have their personal funnel pages promoted by team.
- Weekly 1st place finnisher gets his/her Rockstar! page sent in broadcast email (solo, 2x).

Understanding the Team spirit process and  qualifications:
In simple terms, members who do wish to participate in Team spirit, will request (from Admin. Steven Anthony) to be assigned a Team spirit "invite" page link to promote. There is a weekly qualification of "500 hits" required.
*Hits is a term used in describing the number of visitors to a web page.

Our Rules on "500 Hits" are as follows:
- Hits week ends and begins on Monday.
- 100 hits min. total required by Wednesday.
- 200 hits min. total required by Friday.
- 500 hits min. total required by Monday.
- Hits "updates" posted into fb group on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For example, members who are below 100 hits required for Wednesday will have their affiliate links turned "off" in rotators until Friday update. If the member has 200 hits min. on Friday, affiliate links will be turned "on" and if below 200 hits, links will remain turned "off" again until Monday, etc...
*Note: Top 5 "hits" finnishers qualify to have their personal funnel pages included the following week. The 1st place "hits" winner gets their Rockstar! page featured in Team emails (2x) the following week. All members who are in good standing for the minimum 500 hits each week, remain qualified for all other team spirit advantages.

The purpose of the Team spirit "invite" is to invite subscribers to visit our Team blog, vist our Team Training group on facebook, visit the AIOP website for more information, visit the E1up website for more information and also to visit the personal Rockstar! page of our current featured member of the week.. 

In each of these instances, the subscriber/visitor will be encouraged to access our Team rotator "sign up" link... which includes the personal affiliate sign up links of all Team spirit qualified members, only.

Each time a subscriber/visitor clicks any of our "sign-up" rotator links from any of these multiple access points, the link being displayed will "rotate" to the next qualified member included.

RocktheBizOps Team rotator links are not just "click here and join" links in some hyped up email series. Our rotator links are presented in unique, professional and less obvious ways, which best represent our Team core values.

The Team invite follow up email series includes only 1 automated, scheduled follow up message. All additional Team invite messages are sent "broadcast" style, including the most current and relevant Team updates, any recently published media, etc... as well as a link to our Team blog or our Featured member's Rockstar! page.

The Team "invite" page link to promote will be assigned (tracking included) for each individual member. The link itself is a rotator link. At this time, each member's Team spirit link includes 10 "Team invite" pages and 5 personal member funnel pages (last week's Top 5), for a total of "15" pages being promoted in rotation at all times.

Connect with admin Steven Anthony and request your Team spirit link to promote.

@RocktheBizOps Team Build, since 2019