Step 1

Welcome to Step 1 ~ Officially join the Team... (and Overview)

There is nothing fancy about our simple step-by-step quick start.

Just the facts, as simple as possible.

Before completing Step 1, here is an overview of what we offer:

- You will be joining with us as a paid referral into AIOP, All In One Profits ($11.50/mo. Basic or $21.74/mo. Pro) or, if you have an exisiting acct. with AIOP at this time, an option is to join with us into Easy 1up ($30, one time).

*In the event you have both AIOP & E1up, create a 2nd AIOP acct., ***having an active AIOP acct., is required. 
- All In One Profits provides all of the most essential internet marketing tools. Click here for AIOP intro.
- Easy 1Up provides the additional internet marketing skills based education. Click here for E1up intro.

Note: Both AIOP and E1up include the very best of affiliate compensation plans available anywhere online today. 
Both pay out generous 100% on product sales, both include a unique passive earning (leverage) element.  AIOP commissions are monthly and recurring of either $10 Basic or $15 Pro per referral. E1up commissions can be as much as $25, or $100, or $250, or $500 or $1,000 one-time, depending on the educational package(s) you own.

These two programs have proven themselves to be both valuable for customers and highly profitable for affiliates.

Once you have Officially joined, the Team includes:

- Access to our private Team and Training community on facebook. Click here and request to join
- Personalized coaching available (1-on-1) as often as requested, at your own pace.
- Continuous Admin support for you and your referrals. *3 Admin active in fb group daily.
- Random (in group) "Live" Coaching points, fun activities, "team spirit" and more!
- On-going access to review our collection of all group *files/docs./videos.
- Included access to co-admin Susan McCook's (*personal) coaching group on facebook.
- Complete listing of Top Ranking free/low-cost advertising resources, training included.
- Access to additional members only resources (*free registration required) for the "vault".
- 25+ done-for-you marketing funnels specific for promoting your AIOP.
- 3+ done-for-you marketing funnels specific for promoting your Easy 1Up.
- Additional done-for-you funnels (generic) for building any other business you choose.
- All new and done-for-you *R0CK Funnels, unique new designs every single month!
- Participate in "Team Spirit", promoting your links and your R0CK Funnels! (*500 hits)
- Top weekly performers qualify to have their Rockstar! page broadcast to the *Rock list.
- All In One Profits web tools (included in membership) design your own funnels, your way.
- Easy 1Up advanced internet marketing skills training (included in membership).
- In-group availabilty with Frank Lefebre, owner @ On fire to retire. Click here for Frank Lefebre info.
- In-group availability with Klara Schmidtz, owner @ Hungry for hits. Click here: join Hungry for hits
- *New: member personal Rockstar! Pages (promote any other programs, your choice!).
- *In production: The Rockin' News, The Rockin' POD. Official RocktheBizOps Youtube...
- *Coming soon... Bitcoin Bootcamp for Beginners.
- ...and more!

"Welcome to the ultimate simple team build..."
Admin(s): Steven Anthony, Susan McCook & Debbie Zanotti

Step 1- Officially join the Team:

Here @ RocktheBizops, the only *required program is AIOP. Joining at the $11.50/mo., Basic is absolutely a-ok.

The reason AIOP is the 1 *required program is that we use the AIOP tools to design and host our "shared campaigns". What this allows us to do is to simply assign a "share code" for all of our 100% done-for-you funnel campaigns. As easily as you entering that code, your name, your email and your own personal AIOP user id., into a simple form and... done. The links for the funnel pages load automatically for you and the complete email follow-up series is integrated to include your name and your affiliate link, automatically. 100% done-for-you in minutes.

Click here to join with one of our members in AIOP

Already a member with AIOP?

For members wishing to Join the Revolution who already have an activated acct., with AIOP, the obvious option B would be to simply join with us @ Easy 1Up. Joining E1up at the $30 (one-time) Elevation training level is also... perfectly a-ok. Easy 1Up skills based training is a vital component within our Team Training, especially as our members graduate the "orientation" step-by-step(s) and are eager to maximize their personal results and earnings.

Click here to join with one of our members in E1up

The obvious choice for new members joining with us who recognize how RocktheBizOps Team is designed to accelerate the learning process and position new members into profit mode, would be to join both AIOP and E1up. More tools, more learning and more earning potential... as simple and as soon as possible.

Already a member with both AIOP and E1up?

The option C plan is that you register a 2nd acct. with AIOP. *This is allowed per AIOP terms and conditions.

After you have joined/paid:
- You will find the email address of your AIOP/E1up sponsor (listed on-site) and message them immediately.
- You will connect with Admin: Steven Anthony inside of our Team Training group. Click here for group

Step 2 - and beyond are available within our Team Training group *files/Docs.

@RocktheBizOps Team Build, since 2019