July ROCK Funnel Progress Report

As a Training BONUS, I've decided to take EVERYONE on a step-by-step... "Making of a Rock Funnel..." 
This will be happening in real time (as I have time) over the course of the next several days. Each step of the process will include visual examples of either in-process or final result, a write up of the "thought process" involved and notes explaining the "techie stuff". 

... With today being Friday 
I will be going to work to update the "Team spirit" PROMO hits counts as priority #1 for today. Once that admin task for the day has been completed and posted into the group, I will return to include the 1st entry of this FUNNEL TRAINING which will include the thoughts, tools, process and testing of the actual CAPTURE PAGE design which you SEE ABOVE.

... Saturday @ 11:44 am 
The general design of the capture page itself is a co-creative effort of both myself and of group co-admin Paul van Leeuwen. Some of you will recognize that the copy/text design on this page is similar to a previously released "Team spirit" page design... SEE BELOW
Not because the design work is anything spectacular here, but because the text (copy) is a powerful message... this specific "Team spirit" PROMO page design has continued performing as one of our most productive since it was introduced... 12+ months later and it is still a consistent lead get'er.

One of the reasons I went out and personally tracked-down and recruited Paul to the Rockstar! Team... is because he has a little more "experience" in simple page design (using AIOP than I do)... and especially using the AIOP Tools such as the *Insta-builder option... which I have not used myself to this point, and probably will not at any time soon now that I have Paul already able to update "Classic Rock" pages (such as above)... SEE BELOW
Notice the "shading" of the text and the larger/bolder button... these are simple design characteristics more easily enhanced using the PRO only insta-builder tool. (*More on how to "hack" this later...)

It was the combination of this look and then another "Classic Rock" catch-phrase "We've newbie Simplified everything..." and of course our unique Team advantage of offering All-new *R0CK Funnels each month... that inspired Paul's text for the July capture page rough draft. The "push-button" was his personal touch (so to speak) and then in describing how I wanted the look and feel (theme)... I made it perfectly clear that it would have to R0CK. For that... Paul went out to Pexels.com and tracked down the "guitar guy" image. And then he presented the page to me. 

What I did (immediately)... and this is significant... is to take the link to this rough draft version and include it into our "Team spirit" PROMO rotation for a few hours. This is a routine I always follow with any NEW page design and for a couple of reasons.
... 1. - I want to SEE the page design "Live" in the minimized surf windows... which means I jump on Hungryforhits and a few other TEs I know are popluar among our "Team spirit" Rockstars!.. and I surf until I see the page, so I can be sure all of the details of the page are appearing as I would like. ***You can ask Paul, I am a HUGE stickler about being sure that the "call to action" button (or opt-in form) is VISIBLE in the surf windows "without" having to scroll around looking for it. Members using TEs and Mailers are in a hurry to earn credits... even if they LUV the page(s)... they are more likely to surf past (bounce off) rather than STOP for one second and "search".  *Here is how the page displayed @ Hungryforhits...
*Note: I would prefer the button to be clearly above the bottom surf bar on site. 
and then of course would come this significant point...
... 2. -  Even though any new "test" funnel page is usually only "on" in Team rotation for a few hours (*and usually less!) I'm also very aware of initial "responses" (leads)... It is totally normal for a new "tester" page to pull at least 1 confirmed lead within only a couple of hours in our "Team spirit" PROMO... if that doesn't happen, I will check "un-confirmed"... and if that shows "0"... I either cancel out that design completely or go into a massive "edit" mode.

So, after Paul submitted this rough version, and I "tested"... it has passed all of the initial qualifiers I am most concerned of... SEE BELOW
At this moment... I am a huge fan of the look of this page and it has already passed the initial "Live" testing... however... I have decided I am not a fan of having both "Free Team Building" and then also "FREE Tour" as the button text. *Needs some minor text edits.

... Thursday @ 2:26 pm
Ok Rockstars! Yesterday I went ahead and recorded an actual VIDEO tutorial... How to: hack a splash page? AIOP ~ If you have not already took the time to follow along... PLEASE make the time and do that as soon as possible... there are Coaching and Training points included at various points in this tutorial that you will not SEE or LEARN anywhere or from anyone else.

In the meantime, I'm here recording for the "Part 2". Already decided to throw out the first attempt and do-over... Geez, this record, edit, upload, publish stuff is a time killer.