Welcome to my Rockstar! page... 

BIO: My wife and I currently live in Independence, Missouri. I have recently left my
career as a Field Support Engineer with a Medical Instrument company. I find the need
to create an additional income stream to supplement Social Security. If you're like
most people trying to make money as an affiliate the early excitement soon gives
way to confusion, frustration and despair... I recently left my full time job which earned
me a living and I am now ready to work on my fortune with Affiliate Marketing.
I am currently a member of RocktheBizOps Team Build. RocktheBizOps is not a business opportunity‼️ R0CK is a Team, mentorship community specific for our AIOP & E1Up Team referrals

Additional favorite programs helping me to build my business:

>>> Hungry for Hits
I found one of the best traffic exchanges, so I really wanted to share this with you. 
Except for the huge amounts of quality traffic, it also comes with really good tools for 
tracking, making rotators and a splash page creator - all for free!
You get a signup bonus of 1000 credits, 1000 banner impressions and 1000 
text ads when you join, and you get up to 40% commissions on referral purchases 
and 10% of all the credits your downline earns. This site has so many more great 
things to offer, it's a complete advertising service. 
With Hungry For Hits page creator, you can create anything you like! Get a page that 
converts hundreds of times better than pre-made advertising material! Yes, it's free!
In order to be successful with selling online, you need to brand yourself.

>>> IBOtoolbox
IBOtoolbox is first and foremost a marketing machine. 
It is specifically designed to give your businesses exposure. We accomplish this 
through the use of social networking activities. The more engaged your are, the more 
"spotlight" time for you and your businesses. IBOtoolbox does everything possible to 
make sure your profile, press releases, videos, businesses, and back links are indexed 
by search engines. IBOtoolbox is a direct publishing point and lets Google, Ask, and 
Bing know when new content is available or has changed.  
All IBOtoolbox tools are specifically designed for you, the marketer!

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