Step 5

Getting started using traffic exchanges (TEs).
Click here for RocktheBizOps Approved traffic exchanges

Begin with... Click here and join Hungry for hits
*Hungry for hits is the "official" traffic exchange here @ RocktheBizOps Team. This does not suggest you will only use this one traffic exchange (you will use several). What this does suggest is that Hungry for hits is our (Admin) preferred traffic exchange...  specifically for new members to learn on and for exisiting members to use often.
Once you have created your account @ Hungry for hits...
Click here and bookmark this page for future reference

Why should everyone be using Hungry For Hits?

It’s all really simple. Since there are real people actively watching every ad, some traffic sites don’t generate a whole lot of views. However, Hungry For Hits is one of the most active and most used traffic exchange sites in the entire industry. You can easily get several hundred people, even thousands of views, to your websites every single day. On any given day and time, there will be anywhere between 20 and 100 people actively watching ads in Hungry For Hits, so you can be sure that someone will see what you have to offer. You can also limit the amount of hits per hour you want to your sites, so you will never waste credits.
For those of you who are interested in our affiliate program, you probably already know that high activity means high sales. Hungry For Hits is one of the top rated traffic exchange sites when it comes to traffic, conversions and sales. It is also voted best traffic exchange by members every month, and offers support and training on a personal level for those of you who need help getting started. To sum it up, Hungry For Hits is a site that offers high quality traffic and advanced technology, in a package that is very simple and fun to use. 
~Klara Schmidtz (owner) @ also on facebook at Hungry for hits fan page

If you are just now discovering traffic exchanges for the very first time, or even for any simple suggestions, please reach out to me (Steven Anthony, Team admin) or ask your sponsor for additional help in getting started. 

Hungry for hits is one of the most beginner friendly traffic exchanges online. Klara Schmidtz also includes the most detailed "help" section (actual help blog) covering how-to do everything on the site. Still, it can be (will be) a little confusing for someone who has never used traffic exchanges before. Having someone helping you is always best.

It will take a few days to really get comfortable in finding your way around, adding your website links to promote and then actually viewing other members ads and earning credits for promoting your own web pages.
*Take your time to learn and practice @ Hungry for hits and remember you have Blog.hungry for Help too.

Here is a traffic exchange (basics) tutorial video from our friend, Klaus Buchenau...
Klaus is using another traffic exchange: Traffic Splash for demonstration purposes. You will notice that Hungry for hits and Traffic splash (and most any other traffic exchange you will join) function in the same fundamental ways.

After you have had enough practice in using Hungry for hits and maybe Traffic splash as well, you will be ready to begin adding some additional traffic exchanges. You want to be using a variety of exchanges (TEs) because this will help to get your ads being viewed by more and more unique visitors (other marketers).
Simple "right things" reminder...
Prioritize having more ads on the sites suggested by admin.

Click here for RocktheBizOps Approved traffic exchanges
*You can join any one specific TE listed, by clicking on just that one text link.

Keep in mind that our team pages and daily advertising promos are being tracked and the data is  being reviewed. It is to be expected that this suggested listing of traffic and advertising sites will be updated from time to time. 

Any new sites launching that prove to be highly active (effective) will be added. Long standing sites that may begin to show any significant decline in stats will be removed, etc...

It will always be our honest (and unbiased) opinion that our list of "official" R0CK Admin Approved traffic sites, includes the highest ranking and most user friendly traffic exchange and safelist mailer advertising sites online.

As you begin adding additional traffic exchanges, you will want to learn how-to organize multiple TE sites, each into their own browser tabs, allowing you to earn credits (surf) on multiple TE sites all at the same time. 

Here's our friend Klaus with a tutorial (example) for organizing multiple tabs... 

Be sure to take your time over the next few days in getting set-up, practice viewing ads and to create your accounts with all of the official RocktheBizOps suggested traffic exchanges. It is very important that you become absolutely comfortable in navigating and using multiple traffic exchanges all at the same time. It will save you time. So again, please feel free to reach out to me personally (Steve) and to also connect with your sponsor for additional help, tips, suggestions and for answers.

Click here for RocktheBizOps Approved traffic exchanges

Our members who become more advanced in using traffic exchanges often elect to leverage additional 3rd party tools, browser extensions and add-ons such as TEM Browser, TE Command Post, etc... which help to organize and save time significantly. Some are free and some are not. Consult with your sponsor or an Admin for more details.

Best practice is to consider a membership upgrade with the sites you value using the most.

*When you are confident and ready...

. Proceed to Step 6 ~ Getting started using Safelist mailers.


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